Mildred Wohl

Mildred Wohl (1906-1977) was an American artist and native New Orleanian who studied at the Newcomb Art School at Tulane University. Her first solo exhibition was at the Sky Club in 1954 followed by an exhibition at Naomi Marshall's Downtown Gallery in 1961. In 1966, she joined Orleans Gallery, which was the center of the contemporary art world in the city at the time. Orleans Gallery exhibited the work of national and internationally known artists, of which Mildred Wohl was one of the most successful. Mildred Wohl was Ida Kohlmeyer's sister but her unique Abstract Expressionist visual vocabulary and palette were all her own. Whereas Kohlmeyer's work is grounded in a field of white, Wohl embraced black throughout her paintings. 

“I can say that I am obsessed with black because it is all color, and I use it to express the mysteries. Behind that black are secret places, secret things. Their existence is shown by the exhalation of color that sometimes tears through and sometimes is merely a nimbus around the darkness. But no matter how remote, the arcana are always there, good and hopeful in a Stygian world.”
— Mildred Wohl

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1824 Octavia Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
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